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Snowtember Mushrooms!

I recently went to a local craft fair hosted by Wolf Willow Studio and was over the moon with these Snowtember Mushrooms that I discovered.

For those that don’t know, last September in Calgary was called “Snowtember” because we had freezing rain followed by heavy snows. This combination of weather created areas that looked like war zones because tree branches had been snapped in two like toothpicks from the weight of the snow. I had gone out myself and shaken our backyard trees to try my best to get the heavy snow off of them to save them from damage.

At this craft sale, I was really taken with these beautiful mushrooms.  The gentleman that made them is called Joe Holewski.  In talking with him, I discovered that he salvaged as many branches that he could carry during Snowtember and turned them into these uniquely shaped mushrooms. His business is called Joe’s Wood.  He does not have a website but if you are interested he has an instagram account:

I love supporting local artists and to know that these mushrooms had been created out of what many people would have thrown away, totally warmed my heart.  I am grateful for people like Joe. He also creates beautiful cutting boards off of stair ends that would otherwise be thrown away into the landfill.

Here is to supporting local artists and those who care enough about the environment to re-purpose what others would so readily throw away.

Sending loads of sunshine and faery magic your way!


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