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5 Healing Benefits of Nature

Study after study has proven the healing benefits of nature on a variety of areas of our health.  Regular exposure outdoors:

  1. Decreases stress levels & depression – Dr.Shimi Kang, a Harvard trained doctor and best selling author of The Dolphin Way from Vancouver BC, works with teens who are stressed and anxious.  Instead of writing the usual prescription for drugs, Dr. Kang writes a prescription for getting out into nature each and every day.
  2. Increases creativity and productivity – There are NO straight lines in nature. Everything just flows with ease and grace. There was a study done in Japan with office workers who were faced with a difficult problem to solve. One group of employees stayed in the office, while the other group went out into nature to work on the problem. The group that went out into nature came up with a more creative and cost effective solution than those that stayed in the office.Einstein was a huge advocate for nature and did daily walks.  As he so aptly stated,“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” 
  3. Decreases ADD & ADHD symptoms – In RIchard Louv’s book, Last Child Left in the Woods,  he talks about a young boy who was kicked out of school because the teachers could not handle how hyper active he was. The parents had realized that their son seemed to calm down when they took him outdoors to be in nature.  So they let nature become his teacher and took him to forests, oceans, rivers, and streams.   This young boy grew up to be Ansel Adams who was a world renowned photographer and environmentalist.
  4. Boosts the immune system – There are chemicals in trees and plants that are given off.  When we go for walks or runs out in nature, we inhale these chemicals which actually help to boost our immune system.  So not only are we receiving the benefit of exercise, we are actually also boosting our immune system at the same time.
  5. Lowers chances of various diseases – A joint study done by Women’s Health and the Nature Conservancy of Canada discovered that women who spent 3 hours/week outdoors, decreased their blood pressure, lowered their chance of diabetes and also decreased their risk of breast cancer.

LogoAre you getting enough nature time?  Motivated by Nature and Vivo for Healthier Generations have teamed up to provide this FREE event beginning June 1, 2016 called 30 Random Acts of Nature.   It was designed to encourage people to get in touch with their wild side.  ANYONE, ANYWHERE, can participate.  Register at this link: and complete the quick survey to measure your connection to nature, as well as your health and happiness levels.  Take the survey again after 30 days of the challenge to see the impact that nature has on you.   During the 30 Day Challenge, we will be giving you suggestions as well as a place to post your pictures and observations from your participation:

If you are needing some ideas for the 30 Day Random Acts of Nature Challenge, watch this quick video:

Give yourself the gift of time this June. Time for you. Time for your family. Time to reconnect with body, mind and soul.  Let’s get WILD!

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