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A Thanksgiving Feast for the Senses

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada.  Instead of our usual routine of hosting family or driving to be with family, we instead drove out to the Okanagan in B.C. and had a feast of a totally different kind!

The drive out was a total smorgasbord for my eyes.  Some clouds played peek-a-boo by hiding a magnificent mountain behind them while we travelled along. The snow had dotted the top of the mountains with what looked like white icing sugar sprinkles.  The gorgeous fall colours were glistening gold, yellow, orange and red in the lower part of the mountain ranges with the beautiful evergreen pines as a backdrop.  I literally felt like we were in the middle of a movie set as each curve seemed to unveil a new treasure for my eyes to see.  From waterfalls that cascaded down from the top of the mountain to the bottom, to moss covered rocks where water once flowed, my senses were on full alert.

Stellar Jays which have a magnificent blue iridescent sheen seem to have been strategically placed alongside the road for our viewing pleasure.  One of Stellar Jay’s messages is “power through presence”.  Ironically, I was going to work on my computer to “catch up” on things that I had been falling behind in with my work, but the sights were so hypnotic.  I knew I was to be fully present for that drive, so my computer was never opened.

On Thanksgiving day, we actually went for a walk along the Kettle Valley Trail that is part of the TransCanada Walking Trail.  As hawks circled above us overhead and screeched their very eerie cry, the message of hawk to look at the big picture but not lose sight of the details came in very strong.  We came across many flaming red bushes which are aptly named burning bushes.  As we walked along, I also saw a single grasshopper and I knew there was a message being shown for me to take to heart.  Because grasshoppers can only move forward and not to the side or even backwards, the message was to take the leap and move forward fearlessly.

Before we went through one of the tunnels, I saw this single tree growing all on its own.  The message of Persistence came in loud and clear through that tree.   There is a quote I love that this tree so eloquently represented for me and that is “Never Give Up, Go Over, Go Under, Go Around, or Go Through, but Never Give Up.”

I am so deeply grateful for the incredible teacher that Mother Nature truly is.   What signs has she shown to you lately?  Please feel free to share.  Mother Nature has so much to teach us if we are willing to just slow down, look and listen.  May you be present to all the signs that Mother Nature is showing you.

Sending loads of sunshine your way,


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