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Benefits of Getting WILD Outdoors

I want to thank James Black of Wilderness Redefined for submitting this article regarding the 12 Scientific Benefits of Being Outdoors. I am so excited that science is finally catching up to what the indigenous people, mystics, sages and poets intuitively knew: Nature Heals, Naturally!

12 Benefits of Nature

James’s article is JAM PACKED with scientific evidence for the following 12 claims of how nature is so healing:

  1. A healthier heart
  2. Improved immunity to cancers and viruses
  3. Reset your sleep cycle for a better night’s sleep
  4. Maintains healthy eyesight 
  5. Longer life expectancy 
  6. Increased happiness 
  7. Reduced stress
  8. ADHD treatment  
  9. Improved creativity 
  10. Enhanced memory 
  11. Better academic performance 
  12. Mental health management 

These benefits of being outdoors is why I am so passionate about the monthly Wild About Nature Challenge. There is one coming up for November and registration needs to happen by Thursday, October 29. Are you ready to get WILD in November?

There is a saying that goes, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!” With November, one needs to plan. Dressing in layers is key. Checking the forecast for weather conditions is of paramount importance. For more information about how to get WILD in November visit:

Please read James’s full article in detail as it is thoroughly researched and chock full of scientific evidence. Happy Reading and Happy Trails to you. Stay safe, be well and get WILD!

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Getting WILD Outdoors”

  1. Awesome information Susanne!! Thanks for doing what you do. More than ever, we need nature. It is the best medicine. Afterall, we are nature.

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