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Nature Connections Blog

This blog is dedicated to all things nature!  There are many different categories which include reviewing books, documentaries, interviews, articles and insights.  May you deepen your connection with nature and realize that you are a part of nature, not apart from nature.  

Two quick links to articles: 

Nature Based Healing ,  Review of David Attenborough Documentary 

Sending sunshine, Susanne 

Writing on Stone Provincial Park

UNESCO World Heritage Site Did you know that at the beginning of July, Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park/Aisinai’pi National Historic Site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage

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Think Indigenous Part 1

On May 31 and June 1, I participated in the Think Indigenous Culture Camp that was sponsored by the Calgary Regional Consortium at Blackfoot Crossing.

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New Moon

Feeling the New Moon on the Rise!

How are you feeling?  Do the feelings of overwhelm, agitation, anger, restlessness, anxiousness and/or frustration resonate for you?  They certainly have for me lately and

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