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Live a Healthier Mindful Life!

Natural Connections for Health

There was a time when people were more healthier and mindful because they lived their lives in deep connection with the Natural. We lived, worked, ate, and designed our days and even our homes around the cycles and seasons of the planet, in sync with the Earth we depend on. That connection kept us grounded, mindful, and healthier in mind and body.

Disconnection from Nature is causing many Dis-eases

Today, research shows that 93% of our lives are spent indoors – and that was before the pandemic! You don’t even have to be a nature lover to know that can’t be good for us. In fact, we’re coming to understand that so many of the world’s most pervasive problems – from heart disease, depression, and poor sleep, to droughts, wildfires, and rising oceans – can be traced to our personal and societal disconnection from the Earth and from our own “true nature” as humans.

Upcoming Symposium for Natural Wellness

That is why I’m delighted to share with you today an upcoming event created specifically to address this damaging disconnection with simple, practical tools you can apply to your life right away – no matter how busy you are.

???? The Rise Up Rooted Global Wellness Symposium ????
Reconnect with the Earth, Reawaken Your True Nature, and Rewild Your Busy Life!
EVENT AIRS: May 2 – 6, 2022
Click here to join now for FREE! 

The Rise Up Rooted Global Wellness Symposium was created by my colleague Alex Strauss and is taking place Monday to Friday, May 2 to 6. Click here to learn more & register (free)! https://susanneheaton–

I’m proud to be a featured speaker at this event where I’ll be talking about Healthy Ways to Handle Stress, Naturally!

Topics Covered

And don’t worry – this event isn’t going to monopolize your week. Alex is committed to serving busy people so none of the interviews run longer than 45 minutes. So you’re sure to get all of the wisdom and none of the fluff.

Here are some of the other topics you can look forward to during this info-packed week:
???? How Turning Yourself Inside Out Can Make You Happier and Healthier with Dr. Stacy Stryer
???? How the Earth Directly Heals You with Dr. Laura Koniver
????Rewilding Your Life: A Beginner’s Guide with Jennifer Comeau
???? Tuning Into Trees: Transmissions from Ancient Redwoods with Ellen Dee Davidson
???? Nature-Based Medicine: Are You As Naturally Awesome as You Could Be? with Dr. John La Puma
???? How to Bring the Healing Power of Nature Into Your Home with Charlie Lemmer
???? Listening to and Expressing Earth’s Creative Voice with Kathleen Brigidina
???? Grounding Techniques to Align Your Inner Nature with Mother Nature with Marion Ross
???? Mother Earth as the Great Physician for Mind, Body, and Spirit with Dr. Tracy Latz
???? Using Houseplants to Grow More Joy in Your Life with Maria Failla
???? Nature, Animals & the Nervous System with Kate Neligan
???? Rekindle Your Spiritual Connection to Nature with the Wheel of the Year with Emma-Jane Cross
???? Walking in Nature: The 20-Minute Miracle Cure with Alex Strauss
…and many more!

You really don’t want to miss this. You can attend the Rise Up Rooted Global Wellness Symposium completely FREE. When you register, you’ll be notified each day when the various interviews are available.
Click here to register (free) for the Rise Up Rooted Wellness Symposium.https://susanneheaton–

I can’t wait to see you there!
Sending sunshine,

PS – The amount of practical wisdom you will get access to for FREE during this event has the potential to dramatically change the rest of 2022 for you (not to mention the rest of your life!) I recommend you gift yourself the time. Click here to register.https://susanneheaton–

PPS – Got a friend who could use a dose of Nature’s medicine? Please forward this invitation. All are welcome!

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