InnSaei Documentary Highlights, The Power of Intuition 4

I recently watched InnSaei which is a documentary available on Netflix about the power of intuition and creativity. InnSaei is an Icelandic word which means: – The Sea Within – To See Within – See Inside Out This is a link to the Trailer: Innsaei movie I am totally biased […]

5 Healing Benefits of Nature 1

Study after study has proven the healing benefits of nature on a variety of areas of our health.  Regular exposure outdoors: Decreases stress levels & depression – Dr.Shimi Kang, a Harvard trained doctor and best selling author of The Dolphin Way from Vancouver BC, works with teens who are stressed […]

Get to Know Contest Launch, May 11, 2013, Calgary, AB

Get to Know Program Did you know that according to the Outdoor Foundation, “youth outdoor activity has declined significantly in every age group, gender and ethnicity over the past several years with the most significant declines reported by urban youth?” On top of this studies have proven that getting outdoors […]